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Henna by Shamim

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East London

Henna by Shamim,,East London

Shamim is an extraordinary and talented Henna Artist and has a real passion in her field of work, knowing that her amazing creation will be admired for weeks after the initial application. Her presence and work will make you feel extra special with some of her finishing touches exclusive and uniquely designed for the individual. Shamim is a strong believer of constant awareness and regular updating of all the latest trends that give you continuous variety.

Glitter & Swaroski Crystals
This can be applied on the day of your event to compliment the outfit and give superb sparkiling effects which last up to five days.

Free Consultation
To view portfolio and discuss your requirements and if necessary custom design a pattern to suit your occasion.

Henna Cones
These can be supplied and made to order in the UK for excellent flow, freshness and fragrance and guarantee colour (allow two days for colour development.)

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Henna by Shamim,,East London