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Leisurelakes Mountain Bikes

Leisurelakes Mountain Bikes,

LeisureLakes Mountain Bikes offer 100’s of mountain bikes, folding bikes and commuter bikes to choose from. Their mountain bike accessories make an ideal gift for any mountain bike enthusiast.

Folding Bikes

The folding bikes section offers dozens of folding bikes to choose from starting at only £179.99. Folding bikes are great for getting about in the city or in any built up area, the beauty of the folding bikes is that they can be taken on public transport with ease and they take up very little room in your home. Folding Bikes are a great gift idea for anyone who uses public transport or works in the city.

Cycle Helmets

Cycle Helmets are an absolute necessity these days – it’s not worth the risk to use a bicycle without one. Leisurelakes have a dedicated cycle helmets department where you can pick your shape, style and colour of cycle helmet. They stock everything from cycle helmet covers, kids cycle helmets, mountain bike helmets and road racing helmets.

If you’re still stuck for gift ideas then check out their selection of cycle clothing and mountain bikes.

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Leisurelakes Mountain Bikes,


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