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Mind Games & Puzzles

Mind Games & Puzzles,

Mind Games & Puzzles are a leading supplier of wooden puzzles, metal puzzles and Japanese puzzles boxes.


Wooden Puzzles

The MG Wooden Puzzles selection contains bamboo wooden puzzles, mini wooden puzzles, the jungle jinx, the flabber floover abacus, clench, duress and many more. Check out the visually impossible glass bottle puzzle – in this one you have to get the wooden marble out of the bottle without smashing it.

Metal Puzzles

Metal Puzzles provide hours of entertainment and amusement, the MG Metal Puzzles include wire puzzles, nail puzzles , lock and key puzzles and many more. Each metal puzzle is graded on its difficulty.

Japanese Puzzle Boxes

Japanese Puzzle Boxes date back to the 19th Century when a carpenter began designing these intricate puzzle boxes. The object of the Japanese Puzzle Box is to open it but to do so takes a series of moves – each one must be taken in the correct order. Larger Japanese puzzle boxes can take as many as 18 moves to open. They make the perfect gift and can even serve as a pretty ornament or jewellery box!

So if you know someone who thinks they know it all then give them the gift of a puzzle and make them prove it.

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