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The Travelling Talesman

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The Travelling Talesman,

The Travelling Talesman spins captivating tales from our cultural history and mythology.

He brings them to life with a fantastically energetic and charismatic telling. Where relevant he can support the tales with accurate historic detail. He enchants an adult audience as much, if not more so than children, drawing with words a world of archetypal adventure and imagination which movies can but dream of. These stories have been carried to us by generation upon generation of ancestors. The Travelling Talesman continues this tradition and adds his own style and flair in his script free performance.

Popular for weddings, fetes, festivals, camp fires, pubs, restaurants and even funerals. Especially at home in woodland or the great outdoors, but equally well set in a historic mansion, by a roaring fire in a pub or barns or halls across the land.

Choose just a couple of short stories peppered into your day, or have hours of great epics from mythology - he will deliver what you choose, and/or what suits the audience on the day.  

Offering workshops as well as performances he will bring stories to life and weave the tales into your imagination fantastically for an experience you won't forget.

Short showreel of story clips and more images available.  

Based in the South West, but will travel anywhere to deliver your stories to you.