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Uncle Funk

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Uncle Funk,,Hertfordshire

Uncle Funk are one of the tightest, bad-assed and downright funkiest revue bands in the country. Ask anyone who has seen them! More than just a nostalgic tribute, Uncle Funk's outrageous wardrobe and unique blend of Disco, Funk and Comedy is the total entertainment experience. You won't know whether to dance or laugh....chances are, you'll be doing both!

Outrageously fronted by Simonella, the bands very own camp disco queen, and backed up with panache by the deceptively brilliant Uncle Funk Revue Band, they're guaranteed to turn even the most stubborn party pooper into a crazed party animal!

Every aspect of Uncle Funk’s live show has been designed to recreate the energy and excitement of this magical time in music. The band play with real passion and attitude, and feature some of the widest flares, biggest Afros and slickest dance steps to be seen in public since the days of Soul Train.

Each song is an absolute dance floor smash hit, which means you are guaranteed to hear your all time favourite disco tracks, all night long.

"Uncle Funk is the daddy of all tribute bands. If you're looking for the authentic 70s experience with tongues firmly in cheeks and tunes firmly in funk, call the men from Uncle." -Chris Goodman, The sunday Express.

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Uncle Funk,,Hertfordshire