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Visage Silhouettes

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1, Brigham Road

Visage Silhouettes,1, Brigham Road,Reading,Berkshire,RG1 8DP

Sarah Goddard of Visage Silhouettes is one of the most prominent silhouette artists in the country with 10 years experience working at weddings, corporate events, celebrity bashes and royal engagements.

Sarah’s stylish silhouettes are a great form of mix and mingle entertainment that guests get to cherish as an everlasting memento of your event.  

Whether you want; entertaining favours at a wedding or Birthday, to promote your business at launch parties by adding corporate logos to the attractive presentation mount cards, or having something truly unique and different to the usual caricature artists at a Christmas or summer do’s, silhouette cutting suits it all!

These flattering, true to life miniature paper profiles are created using ONLY scissors freehand in a minute. This is a fast paced art form wows guests with the speed and accuracy. These rare miniature profiles are a great icebreaker which does not over power conversation and are suited around a sit down meal or reception.

There are few silhouette artists in the UK. Sarah has 10 years experience and is a natural at working the room at all types of functions. She will dress to suit themes, popular ones being, Moulin Rogue, Victorian, Black and white, and James Bond. She has worked all over the country and overseas and has even cut silhouettes at Royal Occasions and for celebrity bashes.

 "She runs away with your shadow!" - The Hindu Times.

"Wow That is amazing! I have never seen this before & I have to have one!," -  Demi Moore, Film Actress.

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Visage Silhouettes,1, Brigham Road,Reading,Berkshire,RG1 8DP