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Airbrushed Tattoos

Always hankered after a tattoo, but unwilling to go for the long haul or the pain of the needles? Airbrushed tattoos are the temporary, pain-free alternative - with all the personalised appeal of the real thing, and an inexhaustible colour range.

The alcohol-based paints do not smudge or run, and are water-resistant. They will fade naturally over time - the Henna-based paints can last up to four weeks. Now you can have a fresh tattoo every month! Temporary tattoo artists make highly original children’s party entertainers.

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We currently list suppliers of Airbrushed Tattoos in Buckinghamshire.

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Airbrushed Tattoos
Crownhill, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Do you have an event to organise? Do you want your clients to remember you? Give 'em a temporary tattoo! Designs are airbrushed onto the skin using laser-cut stencils. The paints used produce strong,...
Airbrushed Tattoos
A Strawberry Studio -

Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Artist and Face Painter in London and surrounds.