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A young ventriloquist is touring the Southeast and stops to entertain in a bar in Arkansas. He's going through his usual stupid redneck jokes, when a big burly guy in the audience stands up and says threateningly, "I've heard just about enough of your smartass hillbilly jokes -- we ain't all stupid here in Arkansas!"

Flustered, the ventriloquist begins to apologize, when the big guy interrupts him and says, "You stay out of this mister -- I'm talking to the smartass little fella on your knee!" - Jeff Foxworthy

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Paul Dumas
Banbury, Oxfordshire

With many TV credits to his name, Paul Dumas is not only a first-class ventriloquist but a extremely talented all-round entertainer with an excellent vocal range. His is the ideal act for a 45-50...
Paul Dumas