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It's your big day so indulging yourself and your guests with the very best of service is bound to be a consideration, but there's no need for this to be stressful. Employing experienced specialists to take care of your catering, or supply the right wines allows you to relax and enjoy the occasion. Nothing to wear? There's absolutely no reason not to have the outfit of your dreams, with hire companies offering eveningwear, dinnerwear, morningwear for a diverse spectrum of occasions. Hiring something special allows you your moment of fantasy that would be unfeasible when trawling the shops for a cheap and long-lasting buy. Men can find the perfect suit for the occasion, whether it's a tuxedo, frockcoat, morning jacket or full highland wear, and top it off with a fancy waistcoat, bowtie and braces.

It's always the little things that make the most difference - make your party memorable with magic touches specially chosen for your event. Flowers are integral to any wedding; traditionally bouquets of white lilies decorate the reception, but with such a variety of florist services an explosion of colours can easily be arranged to adorn your party. The long established tradition of providing small gifts or keepsakes at a formal occasion such as a wedding or christening can also be brought up to date and catered particularly to your will, creating a personal and lasting memory of the day. One fun idea is to give the kids of the party a disposable camera, amusing them and creating a selection of unusual commemorative photos.

The advantage of employing professionals is their years of experience - you can be reassured that as well as the frills, none of the practical details from the chinaware and cutlery to fencing and barriers will be supplied as required.

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