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You know your wedding photograph will sit on your parents’ mantelpiece to be treasured for years, so you want to be looking at your best.

A good wedding photographer will expertly capture the mood of the day, but will also use lighting and pose to your advantage to show you at your best. You can then be assured that the photos will be developed and presented beautifully for you.

The latest in technological advances in the professional wedding photography industry means that you can use digital photographic services to tweak, or ‘Photoshop’ the pictures to create dramatic lighting and other special effects. Take your pick from the following selection of UK wedding photographers.

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We currently list suppliers of Wedding Photographers in Berkshire, London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Nationwide.

See below for a list of all suppliers of Wedding Photographers or click one of the links above to narrow down your search by region.

Alexis Roberts Photography -

Female photographer specialising in weddings, portraits, parties and celebrations in London and the Home Counties.

Church Street Photography - Professional female photographers for images with style!
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